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Lumens' educational technology, including Document cameras, PTZ cameras, and lecture capture system are aimed to create a student-centered interactive classroom, allowing students to receive the content in a fun way. It has proven that students get a perceivable increase in test scores and significantly improved in learning attitude. Applicable in distance learning and hybrid classroom.

  • Build an interactive learning environment.

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Success Stories


Florida Telehealth Portals In K-12 Public Schools (USA)


"It’s an innovative technology that students can really participate in the video conferencing section, think of Facetime with mental health providers.” 

Casey DeSantis
Florida First Lady

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Saticoy Elementary School - Ventura, CA (USA)


"I can get on the Internet and project it on to the big screen, then jump back to a worksheet, then jump back to the snake and zoom in on its scales, and I can be going back and forth doing it real time...” 

Alex Wulff
Fifth Grade Teacher

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St. Isidore School - Danville, CA (USA)


"I can address various learning styles with the document camera and whiteboard: visual, kinesthetic and auditory, and I can hit all three in one lesson.” 

Vicki Cohen
Fourth Grade Teacher

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